Weekly Reflection: Boot camp

Mass confusion…that’s about where I was two weeks ago.

Over the last two weeks I have learned many things thanks to the class that I am taking. I have learned about how to set up and blog, how to introduce myself, and have gotten a Twitter account (I’m still working on trying to understand the importance/concept of Twitter…). Along with those, I began to form an understanding of all the in’s and out’s of having a blog – I now know how to moderate comments, I know how to change my settings, and I have been learning about how to embed links and pictures.

During the second week of boot camp, we had the assignments of getting an RSS feed (at Feedly.com), and writing a post about what we learned in the process. The main thing that I took away from that experience was that RSS feeds add convenience to online life. They store all the sites that you follow, and update you when there is any new activity to catch up on. Also, during Week 2, we were given the assignment of looking into the topic of Intellectual Property (IP) and Creative Commons (CC), which is the topic of copyrights and licenses that determine how your personal creations/work can be reproduced/used. Concepts with can be important when you do a lot online.

Some of the other things that I’ve learned/done during these first two weeks: I’ve begun an interesting words journal (kibitz and schmaltzy) for another one of my classes, and used it as category on my blog. It adds more content, and kills two birds with one stone – a win-win situation in my book. 🙂 I’ve learned that this blogging stuff is time consuming, but still fun, and that I need to practice in order to get better at it.

I know that I didn’t manage to post (or tweet) every single day, and I also have struggled with making meaningful comments on my other classmates walls…but I also believe that this is a learning experience, and is meant for us to figure out what we’re strong in, what we struggle with, and to give us an opportunity for improvement. Overall, boot camp has been a positive experience, and I hope to keep improving in the future.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection: Boot camp

  1. jblong says:

    Jonni, try this video ^ for the easiest explaination of the importance of Twitter in the average gal’s life. (:

  2. jvonohlen says:

    Don’t forget to link your work!

  3. mcmorgan says:

    I saw the links – and I appreciate your reflection. It can be – it will be – a struggle to get oriented and moving, but what counts is the attempts. Back-steps and all.

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